Our Books

David Meikle, founder of the HTBAG Company, is the author of two highly-acclaimed books concerned with the marketing, procurement and agency triangle.

How to Buy a Gorilla

How to Buy a Gorilla is David’s manifesto for how the interests of marketing, procurement and agencies can not only be better aligned, but can actually be specifically coordinated to optimally achieve a brand’s business objectives. Regardless of the problem that needs to be solved.

Using models and case studies for brands’ differing needs How to Buy a Gorilla illustrates clearly where and why some brands are going wrong and other are doing right.

“The ultimate book for how to strategically source agency services.”
Gerry Preece, former director of marketing procurement for Procter & Gamble

“Insightful, practical and readable, it’s a highly recommended handbook for one of marketing toughest challenges.”
Mark Earls, author of HERD, and Copy Copy Copy

“Invaluable insight, tools and processes for those with the good sense to read it.”
Tim Lindsay, CEO, D&AD

Tuning Up

Tuning Up is the deepest examination of client/agency relationships to date, and centres on the intersections between responsibility and control. These intersections are captured in the ingenious Meikle Matrix, an easy to remember and easy to apply model to assess and improve relationships.

Applying the principles of Tuning Up not only improves the performance of those in marketing and advertising, but it drastically diminishes stress. In an age that has finally recognised the damage than can be done to the mental health of people in these industries, it is a crucial and significant development.

“A good model offers explanatory power, helping you make sense of complex issues. A great model makes you feel as though you have discovered a secret view into how the world really works. Tuning Up delivers such a secret.”
Blair Enns, Author, The Win Without Pitching Manifesto

“A timely book right for the moment and another essential read from David.”
Pete Markey, Chief Marketing Officer, Boots

“F****** BRILLIANT. Finally the ‘pressure makes diamonds’ approach in our industry can be put to bed thanks to the Meikle Matrix.”
Aimee Luther, Managing Director, The Liberty Guild.

“What took me three decades and a series of panic attacks to understand, David’s book will teach you in a few hours.”
Rory Sutherland, TED Speaker; Vice Chairman, Ogilvy UK