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For more than a decade, at the HTBAG company we have been increasing marketing value for our clients.

We operate exclusively in the marketing, procurement and agency triangle - sourcing agencies, and building and managing relationships through consultancy, pitch management and training.

We don't operate a cookie cutter application for any of our services. Starting with our client's specific business objective, we design and implement our solutions according to the business needs, priorities and budgets of our clients.

The HTBAG Co can work with marketers, procurement and agencies providing value for any party individually or any combination of the above in building, fixing, managing or measuring relationships. We can do this without favour for any party, by focusing purely on the business problem the brand needs to solve, using the proprietary business framework from our book How To Buy A Gorilla.

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New book.

All the principles and models the HTBAG company uses are in the public domain: published in How to Buy A Gorilla - the book after which our company derives its name, and Tuning Up, the new book by David Meikle.  


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How to reconcile the interests of marketers, procurement and agencies in the best interests of the brand.

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How to improve relationships' performance and reduce stress by examining them through the lens of responsibility and control.

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