the htbag company

Getting the right agency muscle for your marketing

Finding agencies for marketers for more than a decade.

The HTBAG Strategic framework accommodates any kind of business challenge you may have.

Whether you are a market leader, a challenger brand, a start-up or a cash cow.

The HTBAG Company

The HTBAG Company uses its proprietary strategic framework laid out in the book after which the company is named, How to Buy a Gorilla.

We can help you

HTBAG provides a range of consultancy and training products for every aspect of the marketing, agency and procurement triangle.

Whether it’s finding a new agency, improving a relationship with your existing one or fixing your internal ways of working, HTBAG has the tools, talent and experience to help. Crucially, HTBAG designs its solutions specifically to your brand needs and business challenges.


With experience in independent and network agencies, and at every level from account exec to CEO, HTBAG is uniquely placed to advise agencies on optimising their business performance and managing their clients.

Marketing Procurement

Widely recognised as the ultimate guide to sourcing and managing marketing services, The HTBAG strategic framework speaks the language of procurement and can be applied to your needs across all agency touchpoints, including remuneration and incentives.

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