The HTBAG Co. works across all marketing services including creative, media, digital, direct, design, activation and production.

The How to Buy a Gorilla Company

Named after David Meikle’s best-selling book, How to Buy a Gorilla (LID 2017), The HTBAG company provides consultancy, training and products specifically designed to improve value in the triangle of relationships between marketing, marketing procurement and their marketing services agencies.

The company’s range of services incorporate all the principles from the How to Buy a Gorilla book to help brands grow more effectively from their marketing investments in ways designed specifically for their individual business circumstances and objectives.

We understand that every advertiser has its own unique circumstances and challenges

Most definitions of “best practice” in the world of advertising, marketing and marketing procurement have become so specific that they fail to accommodate the specific needs of brands and their particular business problems. Why would a
market leader in hair care use the same “best practices” as challenger brand in financial services? But they very often do.

A Unique Approach

The HTBAG Company’s unique approach makes sure that marketing investments are made in ways consistent with the brand’s specific needs to provide the best possible return on investment. The HTBAG Co’s proprietary three-way strategic framework is unique in the market. Using this framework, clients are able to define their own best practices to suit their specific aims, including both marketing and procurement, ensuring they get optimal value from their agencies.

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