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What is whispering?

At the very heart of all How to Buy a Gorilla training programmes are the key principles from the book and a singular objective - to create greater advertising value for the client. The HTBAG Master Class is the most challenging and comprehensive training course, encompassing all the perspectives of marketing, procurement and agency dynamic. The HTBAG Master class can be delivered for a single discipline or a combination of marketers, procurement and agency personnel.  Click the centre triangle below to find out more.

Agency whispering

Procurement whispering

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Whispering can often be more persuasive, and is certainly more constructive, than arguing or fighting. HTBAG's whispering courses have been developed to help marketing, procurement and agency professionals achieve greater value from their cooperation with one another using a universal and established set of principles: Mutual respect, mutual understanding, a defined shared interest and desire to create greater value for the client.

HTBAG's Whispering courses are anchored to each of these specific disciplines but multidisciplinary courses are also available.

Procurement whispering

Client whispering


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