At the very heart of How to Buy a Gorilla is a single insight. Marketers, procurement and agencies fail to understand one another sufficiently well to benefit properly from their cooperation.

The HTBAG Co has developed training courses to address that problem.

Courses each tackle a single relationship in the triangle between marketing, procurement and agencies from single perspective and teaches delegates how to improve it without conflict.


We call this Whispering.

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At the very heart of all How to Buy a Gorilla training programmes are the key principles from the book and a singular objective - to create greater marketing value for the client. The HTBAG Master Class is the most challenging and comprehensive training course, encompassing all the perspectives of marketing, procurement and agency dynamic. The HTBAG Master class can be delivered for a single discipline or a combination of marketers, procurement and agency personnel.


Whispering for marketers

Agency whispering for marketing.

How to get the best value from your agencies by understanding how they work and what they respond to most positively. Understanding how agencies see you and your business and how you fit into theirs. Making improvement plans to forge real and productive partnerships. 

Procurement whispering for marketing.

Whether your procurement relationship is harmonious or seems to be at odds with your objectives, this course provides the models and insights you need to really understand the procurement function and what it can do for marketing and how to  build greater business value from both skill sets.

Whispering for agencies

Client whispering for agencies.

Whether the client relationship is in desperate need of repair or simply could benefit from improvement, this course provides a structured approach that accommodates all clients from the most difficult to the one you risk losing to the best clients you'd like to improve further.

Procurement whispering for agencies

No amount of tips and tricks in negotiation can compensate for a lack of strategy. This course provides a strategic framework for negotiations with procurement so you can establish shared aims and reach the most productive and mutually beneficial outcomes. 

Whispering for procurement

Agency whispering for procurement. 

Knowing what makes agencies tick, how they work as businesses and how they respond to different models of remuneration and incentives has a huge impact on agency value. This course provides the insights needed for building the most productive business to business relationships with marketing services.

Marketing whispering for procurement

As one of the trickier procurement categories, this course provides an insightful guide for who best to work with marketing and understand how traditional procurement models can be effectively adapted to add value in marketing and the procurement of marketing services.

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