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Pitch Management

Finding the right agency in any discipline of marketing services can be a minefield.


The HTBAG Co's unique strategic approach starts with the brand's business needs and uses a combination of procurement processes, management models and firsthand insight into the way agencies and their talent really work to get brands the best match. And a productive agency relationship needs to last well beyond the pitch, so The HTBAG Co's process is designed to get you the right kind of talent from the right agency that will deliver the value you need time and time again. A bespoke on boarding process for clients and their chosen agency makes sure that the client/agency relationship gets off on the right foot.

The HTBAG Co. doesn't demand membership fees, subscriptions or commissions from agencies, so we can access the right talent from the breadth and depth of the whole market, not just a favoured few.

Whether you just want an objective eye on your own process or a comprehensive sourcing strategy and pitch, The HTBAG Co. can find you the marketing services partners you want to help build your business.

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