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" Phil is great to have as part of a team as she brings her experience and knowledge to bear in ensuring everyone is on track to a successful outcome. Phil is extremely adept at managing supplier relationships and budgets and, with planning as a key strength, Phil works diligently to ensure the outcome is always clear and everyone is on point."

James de Souza


Treehouse Analytics

Philippa Edgar, consultant, CRM

Philippa started her career in London, working for too many years to mention in leading creative agencies delivering CRM marketing strategies and campaigns for brands such as Tesco, Carphone Warehouse, Sky and Boots.  Phil then moved client side, leading the CRM strategy for Post Office Financial Services, followed by a wider role developing the marketing strategy and planning for their insurance portfolio.


Philippa loves data, and processes, but most of all planning.  What she can bring to an organisation is the ability to cut through the complex data insight to develop actionable plans across all CRM channels, activating intelligent customer marketing campaigns that deliver results.  Phil has led two projects to migrate email CRM platforms, ensuring the teams on the ground were actually able to deliver on the aspirations of the new, shiny pieces of kit.   


Philippa lives in Leicestershire with her daughter, where they enjoy tackling Year 4 maths homework and watching Strictly together.