Marketing is where the the ROI buck stops. For the best possible returns, marketers need optimal performance from procurement and their agencies. But, conflicts of interest, different ideas of ways of working and misaligned objectives,  compromise the value of the work being produced and its return on investment. These training courses are designed to help marketers understand and get the best possible value both from their procurement colleagues and their marketing services agencies.

Agency whispering

A fraught or inefficient agency relationship can be a huge source of 

frustration for marketers. If agencies aren't working well or aren't properly motivated, the consequences can be expensive: increased fees, slower speed to market, diminished ROI, and so on. Agency Whispering lifts the lid on what makes agencies tick and provides marketers with models and techniques

that can help them get their agency relationships back on track, Contact HTBAG here for prices and availability.

Procurement whispering

Relationships between marketing and procurement can be hugely variable, even volatile. If interests are not aligned, then the management of marketing 

investments can be a point of contention and conflict. Procurement Whispering examines the typical models and approaches used by procurement and helps marketers develop more understanding, collaborative and productive relationships with them. Contact HTBAG here for prices and availability.

HTBAG training courses are open, discursive and interactive. Training days include exercises and discussions to help embed the materials in the minds of the delegates. Delegates receive electronic copies of the material presented and most courses have additional take-away tools and templates for use in the work place. Contact HTBAG here for details.  

All courses are available in a modular format of sessions lasting between 90 minute and 2 hours.