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What HTBAG clients say:

"In the world of marketing, there is no shortage of shallow, anecdotal opinion. Rigorous, evidence-based insight is a much rarer occurrence and a comprehensive, coherent approach is all but unheard of. Drawing on his "How To Buy A Gorilla" work, David's talk to industry management at the IPA' s Business Growth conference eloquently set out the case for the advertising industry as a commercial, consultative and, yes, challenging business partner to client senior management. David's work is important not just because it is insightful, but also because it is almost  unique in its comprehensive nature and practical application. We ignore it at our peril."

Tom Lewis, Finance Director,  IPA, 2017

“In a world of so-called consultants and platform speakers of all shapes, sizes and capabilities David cuts through.  His deep and genuine passion for change and solid industry knowledge make him a powerhouse contributor to the future of our industry.”

Scott Knox, President and CEO

Institute of Communication Agencies

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David Meikle is available to speak at your marketing, procurement or advertising event. Presentations include an overview of How to Buy a Gorilla, and other themes emerging form the work including - Creativity and Risk, Building Effective Relationships, and Paying for Advertising.

David's speaking clients include:

    The Institute for Practitioners in Advertising, UK (IPA)

    The Association of National Advertisers, US (ANA)

    The American Association of Advertising Agencies, US (4As)

    The Institute of Communication Agencies, Canada (ICA)


    TAAN Worldwide