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The How to Buy a Gorilla Master Class

Course summary

The How to Buy a Gorilla Master Class untangles the complex relationship between marketing, 

procurement and agencies. In many of today's business relationships the interests of marketing procurement and agencies are not entirely aligned, indeed often they can even be at odds with one another.

In addition, even if their interests are aligned, they may not be consistent with the business problem the advertiser needs to solve. Essentially, many advertisers' relationships and process are helping them to do the wrong thing very well or the right thing badly.


By examining the current interests and practices of each party, and understanding their business models and priorities, this course reveals how processes, ways of working, methods of remuneration and incentives can all be carefully managed to suit the specific business needs and priorities of any individual client or brand.​ Over a 1-day or a 2-day course The Monkey House Master Class enables delegates to create the most fertile environments in which their brands’ strategies and communications can flourish.

Who will benefit?

For marketers:

Brand teams responsible for a brand or a portfolio of brands. Delegates will also be responsible for managing marketing services agencies and can include marketing procurement. 

For procurement:

Senior leadership in marketing procurement. Delegates will be expected to have a solid grounding in the marketing category, but be looking for ways to add greater value.

For agencies:

Senior management and client services personnel and planning leadership responsible for the establishment and performance of client relationships at a high level.

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