The success of failure of agencies depends entirely on their clients, their people and their finances. The ways agencies work with their clients and the ways and amounts they are paid by their clients are often hot spots of contention and are causes of stress on the relationship. Agency whispering courses are designed to help agency personnel develop their working and financial relationships with 

their clients to build longer, higher-value and healthier relationships.

Client whispering

Whether you need to tame and retain a particularly challenging piece of business or you simply want to invest in improving existing, healthy client relationships, Client Whispering provides the principles, tools and processes you need. With unshakable focus on the client's business problem and the agency's value contribution, delegates learn how to collaboratively redesign their relationships around these shared interests.

Procurement whispering

Negotiating with procurement can often feel like an uphill battle, but it needn't. By focusing on shared interests, value creation and by understanding 

procurement's tools and strategies, Procurement Whispering helps agencies can change what is almost a ritualised and painful process of attrition into a constructive and efficient one. Delegates learn how to prepare, conduct and conclude more successful negotiations with models, exercises. tools and a workbook to help them implement their learning.

HTBAG training courses are open, discursive and interactive. Training days include exercises and discussions to help embed the materials in the minds of the delegates. Delegates receive electronic copies of the material presented and most courses have additional take-away tools and templates for use in the work place. Contact HTBAG here for details.  

All courses are available in a modular format of sessions lasting between 90 minute and 2 hours.