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The HTBAG Company's founder, David Meikle, has written two books outlining the principles by which marketers can derive greater value from agencies and agencies can benefit from longer, more productive and effective client relationships.

David's latest book, Tuning Up, examines the client/agency relationship in much greater depth. Tuning Up builds on the model David introduced in Chapter Four of How To Buy A Gorilla called the Meikle Matrix. This model allows us to assess our relationships in the context of our shared goals and through the lens of our responsibility for, and control over, the outcomes. 

David's first book, How To Buy A Gorilla, explains how we can change the way we work, the way we transact and the way we behave to derive the kind of value brands need from their agencies according to their specific business problems.

"A good model offers explanatory power, helping you make sense of complex issues. A great model makes you feel as though you have discovered a secret view into how the world really works. Tuning Up delivers such a secret"

Blair Enns, Win Without Pitching 


Aimee Luther, Managing Director, The Liberty Guild

"This book is gold dust if (like me) you believe in the concept of freedom, and you have the confidence to believe that businesses perform better when they give people the autonomy to excel. The theory of responsibility and control is a great framework for success in unleashing the potential within teams, as well as client/agency relationships"

Jenny Biggam, Founder, the7stars

Buy Tuning Up -  hardback here £30.00 inc postage for UK

                           -  paperback here from Amazon £23.70

                           -  Kindle edition from Amazon £14.99

Buying options for Tuning Up are here

“This is an excellent book to help navigate the often highly pressurised environment that those working in the advertising industry encounter. Tuning Up is frank and honest about these challenges but also provides invaluable tools and insights to help navigate the modern creative workplace whether you're new into it or have been in it for many years like me. A timely book right for the moment and another essential read from David.”

Pete Markey

Chief Marketing Officer, Boots

"In this timely and enjoyable book, David Meikle has discovered the untended consequence of "what gets measured gets mismanaged.' His observation and suggestions are therefore essential reading not only for people in advertising and marketing, but in any of many businesses where incentives and value creation have become badly misaligned."

Rory Sutherland, TED Speaker, Vice Chairman, Ogilvy Group UK

"David Meikle has written the ultimate book for how to strategically source agency services. How To Buy A Gorilla should be on the shelf of every marketing procurement manager - and should be dog-eared from constant use!"

Gerry Preece, External View Consulting and former Director of Marketing Procurement for Procter & Gamble.

"How To Buy A Gorilla provides an insightful and actionable framework to align advertisers' business challenges with the agency talent that can conquer these challenges ... This provides an invaluable roadmap that can ensure brands get what they really need form their agency partners."

Mark Evans, Group Marketing Director, Direct Line Group. 

Buy How To Buy A Gorilla here

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