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The HTBAG Company provides a range of services for marketers, procurement and agencies.

A comprehensive range of services to search, identify, select and engage marketing services agencies.

Client and agency performance and relationship management. Implementing principles and models from Tuning Up.

Design and implementation of new ways of working for improved performance and efficiency.

Bespoke workshops designed and facilitated for specific problem solving challenges and change initiation.

Pre-designed and bespoke training  programs for marketing and agencies, including negotiation, relationships, ways of working.

Performance management 
Ways of working
Workshops for problem solving
Training and professional development
Agency search and pitch management 
Seminars and events

Seminars, talks, participation in conference events, moderation. Clients include: UK: IPA, AIA; Canada: Europe: IAPI, AAI, HURA

Contact us for a no-obligation, initial consultation to find out what The HTBAG Co can do to help.
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